Snow Dog Super Mush
January 23 - 25, 2015


2015 Musher's Information - MINIMUM PURSE: $2500.00! Purse amount will be updated throughout the fall planning period.

2015 Race Information
2015 8 and 6 Dog Mid-Distance Trail Map
2015 Trophy Class Trail Map

The Conconully Snow Dog Super Mush is a premier sled dog race in the Pacific Northwest. Racers and dogs will navigate a challenging course with considerable elevation gains and backcountry terrain. This event will challenge even the most experienced mushers. SNO-PARK Permits ARE REQUIRED and are available on line at or you can buy one at the General Store or at the Sno-Park on race day. Idaho and Oregon Sno-Park Permits are valid.

This race is under a Special Use Permit contract from the USFS/Okanogan-Wenatchee NF and Washington State DNR.

  1. We are EXCITED to offer new challenges for this year’s event, specifically:

    8 Dog Mid-Distance class - approximately 24 miles per day. The 8 dog class will claim 60 % of the purse split between the top four finishers.
    6 Dog Mid-Distance class - approximately 16 miles per day. The 6 dog class will claim 40% of the purse, split between the top four finishers
    Trophy Class - 9 miles per day - 2 Dog skijor, 4 Dog and 6 Dog classes timed separately.

    The race starts and ends at the Peacock Meadows Sno-Park just outside the town of Conconully in North-Central Washington State. Teams competing in the mid-distance classes will navigate a challenging course with considerable elevation gains and backcountry terrain that will test even the most experienced mushers. Additionally, we are offering a Trophy class, offering a fun opportunity for a variety of team sizes as well as skijor competitors.

  2. Entries must be post-marked no later than January 15, 2015 to ensure receipt by January 21, 2015. Registration ENDS JANUARY 21, 2015. Late entries may be accepted depending on the number of entries however an additional fee of 20.00 will be assessed. Please check on line regarding whether a class has been filled prior to mailing your entry. In order for your team to be included in the Race Program, we highly recommend registering as soon as possible. NO REFUNDS AFTER JANUARY 20, 2015

  3. Modified ISDRA Rules apply:

    • 8 Dog Mid-Distance – may run 7 dogs to start
    • 6 Dog Mid-Distance- may run 5 dogs to start
    • Trophy Class –
      • 2 dog skijor - may run with one dog
      • 4 Dog class – must start and finish with a minimum of 3 dogs to remain qualified to finish.
      • 6 Dog class – must start with minimum of 5 dogs and may finish with 4 dogs to remain qualified to finish
  4. VETERINARY CHECK is MANDATORY. Vet check will be held in downtown Conconully on Friday, January 23, 2015 between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM. All race dogs must be in good health and have proof of current vaccines for parvo, rabies and distemper.
  5. MANDATORY Musher's meeting will be held at the Conconully Town Hall starting at 6pm. We encourage you to support the wonderful local restaurants in Conconully.
  6. DINNER is offered by the CONCONULLY LADYBUG’S AUXILLARY for $12.00 per person. Children under 13 eat for 6.00. All proceeds from the dinner support the Conconully Volunteer Fire Department and we appreciate your support!
  7. Race Order for DAY ONE will be selected by the race organizing committee and presented at the Mushers Meeting on Friday, January 23, 2015. Race Order for DAY TWO is in order of finish on DAY ONE.